2020. YouTube Channel. Chicago. USA.

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Introduction Video

CONTEXT: As a cis-man-read white person, I seek to deconstruct and dissolve my privileges and to fight against patriarchy. I observe two highly divided political camps: the liberal in which cis-men often are not able to develop a clear position on their own masculinity as it is socially constructed; and the conservative camp which sticks to the social role of hegemonic masculinity in terms of searching orientation, stability, and consistency. 

Breaking the liberal bubble: The YouTube Channel TRUE MASCULINITIES responds in a series of videos to the question: How to be a Real Man?

Against this background I launched the YouTube Channel TRUE MASCULINITIES to address cis-men within their own territory. This series of video interviews tackles the querstion “How to be a Real Man?” subverting it in order to confront the toxic atmosphere around queer masculinity. 

In a desire to diversify mainstream representation, I offer a series of portraits that show multiple approaches to masculinity as they depict different concepts of critical, queer, or non-binary masculinities, as well as struggle traditional concepts. Each participant told their own story based on three prompts I suggested: to select three items that they feel represents their masculinity, to perform three personal routines, and to designate three parts of their body. 

Therefore, the aesthetic and the semiotic is oriented on the language of the discourse and the most used terminology. Thereby, it still tries to keep a subtle twist in doing that. For example, the title True Masculinities is already a hidden paradox that plays with the concept of truth and singularity; and combines it with the plurality of masculinities.

Watch the channel here. 

HOW to be a real MAN? #1 – with Ryan Greenlee.

HOW to be a real MAN? #2 – with Seth Sexton.

HOW to be a real MAN? #3 – with Mike.

How to be a real MAN? #4

Interviewee: Mike, Noah, Ryan Greenlee, Seth Sexton