Cutout. 1km Patriarchy

Cutout. 1km Patriarchy

2024. Public Performance. Berlin, GER.

Result of a collaboration with Claire Géhin and the Goethe Institut France.

CONTEXT: In the frame of the french-german Resonance Program organized by the Goethe Institut France, I started with Claire Géhin a collaboration entitled „Pas ton genre“ (Not your business). We exchanged ideas in a question-and-answer format, whereby a performance will be followed by a text by Clair and then a performance by Jakob.

TEXT: The performance „Cutout. 1km patriarchy“ explores the position of cis-male-read people in heteronormative society. Throughout the performance the artist pulled 200 kg stones over 1 km through the street of Kurfürstendamm in Berlin. The artist started naked, took on cloth and the gender role as soon as he started to pull the weight. After 1 km and being totally exhausted, the artist left the cloth and the stones behind, by turning in a street and disappeared. 

The burden is part of a never-ending line of heteronormative history. What burden is created by patriarchal society, with its role models, expectations and acts of violence? They are privileged and oppressed at the same time – a burden that oppresses them individually and at the same time supports them structurally and carries them through life. Who (re)produces and who is produced? Who bears the (collective) guilt? Where does it stick? The performance shows an excerpt of this paradoxical experience of the burden that will occupy the artist* for 1 km. A struggle, a process, a distance.