Jakob Wirth

alexa: wo bin ich?

alexa: wo bin ich?

Intelligent Audiotour. Berlin. 2021. Collaboration with Marina Resende Santos.

#letsamazonpay #amazontower #alexa #personalintellegentassistant #wemgehörtderkiez?

Alexa–the voice-controlled personal assistant created by Amazon–takes you on an audio journey around the construction site of the future EDGE/ Amazon Tower in Berlin. Find out where you are, and who makes this place a zone of convergence of different profiles and desires.

Together with Alexa, you move between East Side Mall, the future Amazon Tower, the Mercedes-Benz Platz and Warschauer Straße in Berlin. Through audio messages on your smartphone, Alexa gives you primers, opinions, tasks and instructions to follow along the journey. Alexa wants to learn, and you help her to understand and take in the community.

How does Alexa understand contradictions and desires, criticism and resistance, all the while, as a curious artificial intelligence, also learning from them? Do you want to show her what she doesn’t know?

In the process, no one makes the same journey, as you choose which audio path to take. In the end, the question of which side you stand on will not be the last one–and you will be given an insight into the environment of Alexa’s new home in Berlin.

Further information about alexa: wo bin ich? at the interview in the newspaper taz, at Deutschlandradio Kultur or in the right-to-the-city radioshow Fassadenfunk,

Photos: © Gregor Kuhlmann