Jakob Wirth

stoff ♻ wert

stoff ♻ wert

2022. Conceptual work in the public space. Berlin. Collaboration with Marina Resende and with support of Hannes Brunner and in the framework of the Rosa Luxemburgplatz Kunstverein.

#negativeprice #stoffwert #circulareconomy #recycling

Give it a 2nd chance – by purchasing plastic at a negative price. You get 94 cents for every kilogram of plastic you take instead of paying for it. This is trash from an illegal landfill in Brandenburg, Germany, that is now looking for another way into the recycling loop.

At a public market stall at Schendelpark, trash will go over the counter. At the stoff♻wert market stall, customers will be able to purchase plastic waste at a negative price in order to throw the originally illegally dumped recyclable material into the yellow garbage can a second time and thus back into the so-called recycling economy.
Thus it will be possible on Saturday to receive 0.97 cent per kilogram of garbage which one acquires at a negative price, instead of paying. The 97 cents/kg corresponds to the price that we as consumers already pay in recycling fees when we buy products and in the case of illegal landfills, never led to a recycling process.

The stoff♻wert project conceptually closes the value (material) cycle that is normally interrupted by the dumping of plastic in landfills. Under the slogan: „Give it a 2nd chance,“ plastic can thus flow back into the recycling process once again with a perverse promise of a now better way of dealing with it. An attempt to dissolve illegal landfills and at the same time to prevent the dumping of garbage.
The project thereby provocatively comments on the largely non-transparent economy of the recyclable material and all those involved in it-producers, the state, consumers, transport and recycling companies.

The stoff♻wert market stall will be opened again. Stay tuned. During the marked everyone is invited to dispose plastic taken from a landfill in Brandenburg at a negative price. We will need all Berlin*innen to get rid of the 1000 kg of garbage. This is just the first drop to break up the landfill.

A project by Marina Resende and Jakob Wirth, with the support of Hannes Brunner and the Kunstverein am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz.

Further information at: Rosa Luxemburgplatz Kunstverein.

Photos by Thomas Mayer and Jérémie Lé Hénaff. Graphic design by Billy Contreras.


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