Free Association For Wearing Shopping Bags

Free Association For Wearing Shopping Bags

2017. Public Performance. WIK Kollektiv. Copenhagen. DNK.

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CONTEXT: There was a public discussion on banning Niqab and Burka in Denmark, 2017. However, the community it concerned was not invited to be involved in the discussion. In this context we founded the “Free Association for Wearing Shopping Bags”  in front of the court in Copenhagen.

Shopping Bag Manifesto

We are a happy association of free people who like to wear shopping bags. But
we are afraid of being restricted for wearing our bags in the public how we want to.
We are afraid of being punished and discriminated by showing up at the street.

We stand for the right to wear these bags in public space without having fear.
We stand for free expression of personal values throughout our appearance.
We stand for no restrictions about our culture of wearing bags which has a long tradition of shopping.

We are against social norms which define what and how you dress and how you have to shop.
We fight for the personal freedom in any aspect if it doesn’t attack somebody else.
We fight for carrying shopping bags however we would like to!

Let’s unite and claim it out loud!
Let’s defend our democracy, shopping culture and human rights!
Let’s stop the cultural colonists who want to control us and our humanistic and expressionist culture!

Excerpt from the Press Release: We founded the free association for wearing shopping bags with the intention to show up as an allied group for people who are attacked by the new law that will cut down personal rights (e.g. wearing Burqa, Niqab). We feel threatened in our cultural practice by this political dynamic who attempts to uniform our society. We are threatened by a political government who reacts to an unreasonable fear of being overrun by other cultures with a law about personal restrictions.

Photos: © Andreas Anderson