The Chain of Truth

The Chain of Truth

2017. 4 Channel – Video-Installation. Holbaek. DNK.

#feminism #manifest #reinterpretation #reclaim_the_space

CONTEXT: The Videos were simultaneously screened on four opposing walls with four well known feminist and queer manifestos which created a textual and essentially pictorial reinterpretation of them. For the reinterpretation I cooperated with Ronja Ellefsen, Asta-Maja Njor Boisen, Karoline Foldager to find a new form for sharing these former manifests. Even though these topics concerning gender/queer inequality, patriarchy and suppression have not been discussed in a while in society, they are still found to be incredibly relevant.

The first of the four shorts was about the Feminist Manifesto (Mina Loy, 1914), which was reinterpreted and performed by Ronja Ellefsen. The second concerned the Queer Nation Manifesto (Queer Nation, 1990), which was reinterpreted and performed by Asta-Maja Njor-Boisen. The third reinterpreted the S.C.U.M. Manifesto – Society for cutting Up Men (Valerie Solanas, 1967) which was reinterpreted and performed by Jakob Wirth and finally, the Redstockings Manifesto (Redstockings, 1969), which was performed and reinterpreted by Karoline Foldager.

(1) Queer Nation Manifesto. 3:13‘, (2) S.C.U.M. Manifesto 3:34‘, (3) Feminist Manifesto 4:15‘, (4) Redstockings Manifesto 3:34‘

Photos: © Jakob Wirth