Dysfunctional Night-Exploration

Dysfunctional Night-Exploration

2018. Urban Investigation. Kollektiv Raumstation at the Genius Loci Festival Weimar. GER.

#eventisation  #talking_city #collective_perspective #collective_spacial_production #non_space

CONTEXT: During the GENIUS LOCI Festival, a night-time exploration was conducted with interested visitors in order to draw attention to the unseen topics far from the recorded city.

During the twilight hours, visitors of the Media Architecture Festival became active participants and explorers moving away from the façades, which were prominently displayed at the festival, to more ignored, avoided or functionless city spaces. A dice and game of chance determined the way people moved to detect these new dysfunctional places and the night exploration ended with a collective picnic in the underground car park.

Together we persuaded the dysfunctional places out of their invisibility and allowed them to speak. Together we have become explorers of these places and continued their stories, secrets and potentials.


Thüringer Allgemeine Zeitung: Vergessene Räume neu entdecken.

Photos: © Jakob With