Die Blaue Blume e.V.

Die Blaue Blume e.V.

2013 – 2017. Socially Engaged Art. Friedrichshafen. GER.

#selforganizing #right_to_the_city #experimental_houins #occupation #socially_engagement #social_practice

CONTEXT: Friedrichshafen is a city with very few self-organized spaces and places open for creation. This is why the residential and cultural project Die Blaue Blume e.V. was founded.

Die Blaue Blume e.V. (The Blue Flower) is a free space for reflection, planning, rethinking and desire for action. It is an open, self-organized event platform that broke new ground between culture, politics, education, and sustainability.

Everyone is welcome and invited to help create what they were missing in Friedrichshafen. Thus, the Blaue Blume became a colorful bunch of locals, students and realized dreams.

The project sees itself as a space activist, creating atmospheric spaces where there were none and looking for the unused interfaces and gaps in the city to play on and with them.

The project valued low-threshold participation, openness, encounter, off-culture and small formats.

Further information: www.dieblaueblume.org

Press (selection)

Futurdrei: Anerkennung der Blauen Blume vor der Bürgermeisterwahl.  taz: Atmosphäre schaffen und Begegnung ermöglichen.  
Schwäbische Zeitung: Die Blaue Blume wächst und gedeiht.

Das Klimpernde Glashaus

#mobile_encounter_spaces #multifunctionality #upcycling

CONTEXT: The two mobile event and meeting rooms were the elementary infrastructure of the Blaue Blume e.V. and contributed to the possibility to experiment with different formats.

The „Klimpernde Glashaus“ (jingling glass-house) thrived on its mobility and transformed a variety of places by making them more lively and enabling unrestricted action throughout the city. Spaces such as parking lots, apple orchards, marketplaces and manifestations were transformed into atmospheric spaces and similarly to the infrastructure of the Blaue Blume, the mobile stage was a common vehicle that could be borrowed by other individuals or initiatives. The Glass House was built out of recycled materials through a collective process and supported the transfer of knowledge, community and encounter.

The Weddingbus.

The „Wedding Bus“ was formerly rolled out as a library bus through Wedding (a district in Berlin). As an event space of the Blaue Blume, it now allows diverse events and gatherings to happen regardless of weather conditions. It is a free and atmospheric space for assemblies, events and shelter seekers.

Wiese Gesucht.
2015. Public Performance. Friedrichshafen. GER

Photos: ©Gianni Seufert, © Jakob Wirth, ©Lena Reiner