Artistic Research

Artistic Research

Part of my artistic practice is a researched based approach, where I combine my sociobiological background with my artistic practice and interests. 

In the past three years I focused on the exploration of Parasite Art, a new artistic genre. I already released two Issues and organized a couple of panels around the topic to foster the discussions around it. 

Have a look at the Magazine Parasite Art (link to and keep updated about upcoming events here (link to -> IG: jak_wirth)

artistic research
and practice

Thereby I work on „Parasite Art“ on different levels. I started the  research in 2020 with the support of a research grant from the Bauhaus University. The term Parasite Art refers to political art and its aesthetics, but chooses a new strategy for it. It is not only about art that follows activist techniques or works with its own identity as a political instrument. Parasite Art tries to move on the margins of the system, according to Michel Serres‘ theory of the parasite. It seeks the niche and for this it must empower itself to the logic of the system and co-opt aspects in order to be able to move within it. Parasite Art seeks an aesthetic and strategy that can still be implemented in post-pandemic times and in times of accelerated capitalism. 

Through this artistic research and practice, I would like to analyze and reflect on this artistic practice, to which I would also classify my own. The knowledge gained should serve the exchange and thus seek an answer to the question of how resistant art, despite the increasingly strong mechanisms of appropriation can still position itself critically. In doing so, to parasitize means to disrupt. Because without disturbance without disorder, „every system dies the death of order.“ (M. Serres). Parasitic art seeks to explore and draw insights from this irritation. With this scholarship I would like to continue working on this topic on a theoretical as well as practical level.